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DAY  6 - Saturday 6th November
Nature first: Biodiversity, ecosystems, and the climate crisis 


10:00 - 11:00

Food for thought: rethinking the global food system in the age of the climate crisis Climate Resolutions

Global food systems are both major drivers of the climate crisis, and significantly under threat by a rise in global temperatures. It is estimated that up to 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions stem from the global food system. What is clear is that a new approach is needed. Farming, agriculture, food delivery, and consumption all must be transformed and reimagined to mitigate the climate crisis - join us to learn from leading experts on how these industries will be remade.


Arizona Muse

Jamie Crummie.jpeg

Jamie Crummie


Neeshad Shafi (Moderator)

Stephanie Seargant.jpeg

Stephanie Sargeant

12:00 - 13:00

Climate Resolutions: Ending the war on the natural world

Climate change has already had an outsized impact upon the world. There is not one solution and a multivariate approach that incorporates socio-economic transformation and a new international legal framework is essential. Join this panel to hear from young leaders more about how the climate crisis can be collectively addressed and overcome through global and unprecedented solutions.

Jamie Hunter.jpg

Jamie Hunter

Diana headshot COP26.JPEG

Diana Lopera


Durlabh Ashok

Profile Diwigdi Valiente.JPG

Diwi Valiente

Maya Sanbar.jpeg

Maya Sanbar


15:00 - 16:00

Cross Border Conservation: An Orbital Perspective from NASA Astronaut Ron Garan

Climate change does not respect national boundaries - why are our solutions confined to them? Too often, governments approach this issue as a national problem, and not what it actually is - a cross border challenge. Join us to hear from NASA astronaut Ron Garan directly, and learn more about the need for transnational action on conservation.

[Approved] Ron Garan (1) (1).jpg

Ron Garan


Marinel Ubaldo (Moderator)

17:00 - 18:00


Why everyone hates vegans and what we can do to change that

The scientific consensus is that we need a shift to plant-based diets to limit climate change and protect nature. But vegan activism gets a bad wrap. How can we advocate for sustainable, healthy diets effectively, without putting people off? The panel will explore activism from all angles and how we can all work to achieve a sustainable food system.

Anthony Mullally.jpg

Anthony Mullally

Perran Harvey.png

Perran Harvey

Stephanie Cabovianco.jpg

Stephanie Cabovianco

Christine Teunissen.jpg

Christine Teunissen

Lauren O'Donnell.jpg

Lauren O'Donnell

Lara Pappers.jpg

Lara Pappers (Moderator)


19:00 - 20:30


Re-connect, Re-store, Re-generate, by Vivobarefoot

In this evening event, we will explore how the natural world holds the answers to the biggest challenges we are currently facing. We will discover how our own wellbeing is totally intertwined with the health of the planet. Joining us will be indigenous youth activists, regenerative business leaders and healthy lifestyle experts who will share their insights in a lively series of three, half-hour interactive discussions.

1. RE-Connect: How indigenous wisdom can guide us back into balance with nature.

lily cole.jpg
xiye bastide.jpg

Lily Cole - moderator

Xiye Bastida

Veronica Inmunda

Dulma Clark


Jean-Luc Pierite


Atossa Soltani


Galahad Clark

Gwilym Pugh 2 .png

Gwilym Pugh

daze aghaji.jpg

Daze Aghaji

2. RE-Store: Nature reconnection & Natural health, Exploring the connection between planetary and personal health.

Kay Michael.jpg

Kay Michael

3. RE-Generate: Business for good & regenerative leadership

brittany kaiser.jpg
Christian Vanizette.jpeg

Brittany Kaiser

Christian Vanizette

Rajiv Joshi

Katie Hoffmann


21:00 - 00:00

MicrosoftTeams-image (134).png


LAANI is a DJ who expresses her sound through her passion for nu jazz, neo-soul and afrobeat,




DJ-Producer Rebecca Vasmant is bringing a fresh new twist to dance music with her love of jazz, the original form of unbridled spiritual sonic expression . Genre for the Evening jazz funk/afrobeat/funky house.



Rebecca Vasmant.jpg


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