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Do you care about the environment, want to reverse climate change, are you aware of the UN SDGS and interested in the COP gatherings? The EXTREME Hangout is seeking a development support intern to help with the development of the EXTREME Hangout and support the senior management team.

The ideal intern needs to have three things:

  1. Be a dynamic self-starter and a fast learner

  2. Strong organisational and admin skills, be familiar with standard office software, a good communicator, be happy to build and lead a development email campaign, support the senior team, be quick and responsive on email.

  3. An interest in the environment. Has watched Don’t Look Up, follows Earthrise, might have Ministry of the Future on their reading list, wants to know more about Elizabeth Wathuti, and picks up litter when they visit the beach.

Launched at COP26 in Glasgow the EXTREME Hangout became the leading fringe event for young people giving them a platform on the environment, inspiring, engaging and empowering them to see opportunity and to take action. We had amazing partners, over 200 speakers (60+% female and many underrepresented voices on our stage), and 5000 visitors. We put in full camera crews and livestreamed incredible content to the world, half a million watched the livestreams and to date 5m have watched the video on demand. It was a resounding success. It was accessible, inclusive, authentic and free to access on a repurposed ferry, a gig venue on the River Clyde. Please watch our summary video Extreme Hangout at COP26 Video.

Building on that success we are establishing a media and event programme with three main parts.

  1. The EXTREME Hangout Flagship Conference: anchor event, annually at COP, next COP27 in Egypt, then COP28 in Dubai and on.

  2. Ted-X style globally coordinated, locally organised 1-2 day event programme hosted in multiple cities across the world

  3. Monthly, leading to weekly, Vlog/Podcast hosted by young climate leaders engaging with the global influencers and change makers, challenging the status quo and inspiring action

Annually we will ramp up the volume, the EXTREME Hangout will be hosted in new locations and reach greater global audiences. Our big aim is to build to 50 events in 50 locations in 5 years. And with this initiative we want to do 3 things:

  • Inspire, engage and empower young people on the UN SDGs

  • Champion actions worth taking

  • Find the gears to turn the cogs to amplify the volume to drive massive behavioural change.

Development support for the EXTREME Hangout is fundamental to our success. We are in a start-up entrepreneurial phase and need someone who can roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. There will be lots of admin support balanced with lots of access to the senior team and you will be part of an exciting new initiative that needs to grow at pace. It is a great opportunity for an energetic, dynamic self-starter with a passion for the environment.


To find out more about The EXTREME Hangout at COP26, please visit


  • Partnership and business development research

  • Managing email campaigns and communications to potential partners

  • Proactive email management, and being highly responsive on email

  • Database, content and list management • Team support across business development, marketing, event planning and coordinate.

  • Basic administration support

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Passion for the environment and sustainability, and involved in some sustainability groups

  • Savvy with standard office software and good research skills

  • An understanding of business development and event management

  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Strong attention to detail, with strong interpersonal and influencing skills.

  • Be a good problem solver

  • Be a positive and energetic team player – be someone we would want to go on a road trip across Europe; hang out at a mountain bike park with; and spend a day surfing!

If you are interested in this exciting and fast-moving role and you meet the selection criteria, please email with a short cover letter outlining why you are interested in joining EXTREME and what excites you about the role and the opportunity; which climate activists you admire and why; how you fit with the specific role; and don’t forget your CV.

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