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We're always looking for new voices to join The Extreme Hangout at COP or at one of our global but local events, so please let us know about the most exciting, talented people in your network who can support taking great ideas and leaning and helping them grow..

Speaker Nomination Form

Use this form to suggest a speaker for a future EXTREME Hangout.

Part 1: About you (the nominator)

Part 2: About the nominee

Under which of the following categories would this person fall? (Please select up to 3 options)
Do you know this person personally? - It’s okay if you do not.

Before submitting your nomination, please review how EXTREME Hangout processes the personal information you provide to us:

  • We will evaluate your nomination and will share this information with staff members and third parties selected to review speaker nominations.

  • There is no deadline for nominating a speaker. If you've submitted a nomination, it will stay in our database to be considered for future conferences.

  • Due to volume, we are not able to respond personally to each suggestion, but someone from EXTREME Hangout will be in touch if needed.

Thank you for submitting the nomination!

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