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Extreme Hangout Dar Es Salaam - Empowering Our Future Stewards

Launching the Extreme Hangout Local series on the African continent was our Dar Es Salaam event hosted by two dedicated climate change activists, Humphrey Mrema and Marwa Mohabe, who although initially applied to host individual events, were happy to collaborate on a larger scale, through their shared passion for environmental conservation.

Tapping into their involvement with the Youth Survival Organisation (YSO), the Human Dignity and Environment Care Foundation (HUDEFO) and the Rise Up Movement, they brought together an inspiring panel of speakers from across various youth and environment organizations in Tanzania under the theme of “Empowering Future Stewards: Youth Unite for a Green Tomorrow”, where they shared experiences and discussed the youth’s involvement and impact in climate change action.

According to Marwa Mohabe, Communications Officer at HUDEFO and Co-ordinator of the Rise Up Movement, “In spite of heavy rains, participants came with lots of energy. We decided to use the Kiswahili language and English so as to bring a sense of our culture and make everyone free to participate and it assisted us to smoothly run the event.”

Humphrey Mrema, Chairman of Youth Survival Organisation (YSO) and a Youth4Climate Tanzanian Delegate, particularly favoured the breakout sessions, “This is when I understood that in the issues of climate change, not only experts but even young people who are also affected by the impacts of climate change had great ideas.”

The panel of speakers included:

🎤 Humphrey Mrema, Chairman of Youth Survival Organisation (YSO), Youth4Climate Tanzanian

🎤 Sarah Pima, of HUDEFO, sustainability and climate advocate

🎤 Shamim Zawadi, an environmentalist and sustainability advocate

🎤 Doreen Ngemera, Founder of Aspire TeensMeet, a Youth4Climate Tanzanian Fellow

🎤 Rahma Kiriwe, a UNHCR Young Champion, a climate scientist, and researcher

🎤 Simon Kimaro, who delivered a presentation on local youth-led adaptation solutions to climate change

Breakout groups were organized covering Smart Agriculture, Clean energy and Smart infrastructure system which attendees found were key highlights of the event, igniting discussions and curiosity.

The session ended with an inspiring exhibition put together by ECOhub- Tanzania.

Humphrey Mrema is the Chairman of the Youth Survival Organisation (YSO), a Youth4Climate Tanzanian Delegate (UN Climate Change), an urban planner and a SDGs Champion. He has been proactively involved in undertaking climate and peace building projects. Through his work with YSO, he has helped to positively impact at least 10,000 youth across the East African region.

Marwa Mohabe is a Communications Officer at HUDEFO and coordinating the Rise up movement in Tanzania. He actively volunteers with various organisations and works on initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development, safe energy, combating climate change and protecting the environment.

Our third Extreme Hangout Local event was all about providing the youth a platform to take a step forward towards implementing youth-led local adaptation solutions to tackle climate change! As Marwa Mohabe, rightly said, “I felt like we have the power and we can change the world”.

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