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The Extreme Hangout, established in 2021 through the collaboration of Amber Nuttall and Alistair Gosling with EXTREME International, serves as a platform for hosting climate action events. Its primary mission is to empower young changemakers, amplify the climate movement, and cultivate a passion for environmental action. The initiative is dedicated to providing a voice for young and underrepresented communities, fostering a community that drives positive change.

This transformative journey is sustained by individual contributions, enabling The Extreme Hangout to conduct impactful local and global climate awareness programs. Donations play a crucial role in raising global awareness, initiating meaningful conversations, and inspiring practical solutions for climate change. By supporting The Extreme Hangout, you become an integral part of this mission, contributing to the creation of a sustainable future.

Click the button below to be a part of this transformative journey. Support The Extreme Hangout, support the planet. Together, let's make a difference.

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