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A local EXTREME Hangout is a one to two day climate action event anywhere in the world.

Hosted by young passionate change-makers, working with local organisations, influencers, activists, pioneers, innovating companies, cities, and tourism boards, they are designed to shake up the climate conversation and give a voice to locals. It works the same way Ted X works You organise and run the event we deliver the brand, the platform, the manual, the framework and distribute the livestreams and video content on our media network.

By shaking up the climate conversation we want to popularise the climate movement, inspire each other and young people around the world. There is power in all of us, in our choices and how we use our voice. We give young changemakers a voice, bring light to the debate and hold leaders to account. Will you join us and host a local Extreme Hangout?

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To apply

Please send an email to with information about yourself, your climate activism, your local networks, where you are based and why you want to shake up the climate conversation and host an EXTREME Hangout in your area and we will set up a call with you.

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