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Giving voice to local changemakers. Bringing light, action and optimism into the debate. And shaking up the climate conversation

The EXTREME Hangout’s vision is to help shift the climate dial. We hold an anchor event each year at COP, a voice and video series to keep the conversation alive year-round and are launching an ambitious plan for 50 local EXTREME Hangouts in 50 locations in the next 5 years. We engage new voices, highlight local solutions and amplify the volume. Join us!

A local EXTREME Hangout is a one-day climate action event anywhere in the world. Hosted by young changemakers in your local area, working with local organisations, influencers, pioneers, innovating companies and local government, they are designed to shake up the climate conversation, give voice to local changemakers and we distribute the livestreams and video content through the media young people consume.

The EXTREME Hangout was launched at COP26 in Glasgow where we hosted an 11-day conference of young changemakers. We took it again to COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh where we hosted a 4-day conference of changemakers and then in recognition of our growing movement and community, the United Nations COP28 organising committee invited us to deliver Extreme Hangout in the official COP28 Green Zone at Expo City, Dubai in 2023.  COP has been going for 28 years now, and “Insanity is the doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”, so it is time to shake things up a bit.

By shaking up the climate conversation we want to popularise the climate movement, inspire each other and young people around the world. There is power in all of us, in our choices and how we use our voice. We give young changemakers a voice, bring light to the debate and hold leaders to account. Will you join us and host a local Extreme Hangout?

The EXTREME Hangout team provide a suggested format and ethos, media platforms for local changemakers to utilise, production assistance and marketing support, overarching themes and seed funding.

EXTREME Hangout global sponsors are PwC and Extreme International. Our networks include strategic partners like C40 but also the many global NGOs and activist organisations around the world that we have been working with over a number of years.

Together we will support you. We are doing this because we don’t have much time. Whether you are in New York or Nigeria, Madagascar or Malaysia, will you join us?

How it works


  • We will work with you to secure a venue, through our networks of C40, PWC and other local contacts

Creativity, Content and Curation

  • We will run curation jointly, but you will lead pinpointing the right local speakers and managing logistics.

    • Themes​

    • Speakers


  • We will provide a small production team, with equipment and run the livestream, post production edits, for social and for on demand broadcast after the event.


  • We will provide global broadcast of your event across our social networks and channels.


  • You will run local promotion and marketing we will support on our social pages.


  • You will run and operate the event we will support with our framework operations manual and overall project management if needed.

Partners and sponsors

  • We have PwC on board as a global annual sponsor and can help grow the budget with local sponsorship from your networks


To apply to host an Extreme Hangout please fill in this form

About Extreme International

EXTREME is a unique brand, community and purpose driven company that lives at the nexus of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Our Vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports. Inspired by our love of adventure sports and our passion to protect the planet, we created the EXTREME Hangout, as a not-for-profit division of EXTREME International. It is a platform to give young changemakers a voice and inspire environmental action. We launched it at COP26 in Glasgow. We aim to amplify the noise and need your help.

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