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Baroness of Scotland

10:30am - 11:15am

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Baroness of Scotland

Panel 7 - Sacred Headwaters Panel

11:30am - 12:15pm
Protecting Climate-Nature-Stabilising Rainforests and Indigenous Peoples in the Headwaters of the Mighty Amazon

An inspiring discussion featuring prominent Indigenous leaders and scientists exploring pathways to protect the intact Amazon rainforest and transition to a circular bioeconomy on a bioregional scale. Learn about the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Alliance and our partnership with the Circular BioEconomy Alliance in creating living laboratories for innovative solutions that green our economic system and safeguard biocultural diversity. This initiative focuses on an area of the Amazon rainforest the size of Italy, spanning Ecuador and Peru.

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Being a Better Ancestor

12:30pm - 1:00pm
Being a Better Ancestor

Understand both why being a better ancestor is so important to tackling the climate crisis, and how you can do this. In this immersive session, with Ella Saltmarshe, director of the Long Time Project and host of The Long Time Academy podcast, you’ll go way back through our primordial past and far forward into the future, to help you meet this moment.


Lunch & Music Performance 

1:00pm - 2:00pm 
Nature Folk music performance

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Time to Walk on The Wild Side

2:00pm - 3:00pm 
Time to Walk on The Wild Side

Our crises today are multiple but there is one we can fix with relative ease which will also go a long way towards addressing the climate disaster we face today and that is the restoration of wild habitat and return of species to their native realms. The work is exhilarating, rewarding and almost magical - the great news, Mother Nature is on our side!

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Mandy Lieu

Shaping The ‘Consumer’ of The Future

3:30pm - 4:30pm 
Shaping The ‘Consumer’ of The Future: Embracing technology and remaining within planetary boundaries

Transformation is the name of the game, the way our businesses are run, the products they make, their supply chains, the stories they tell - its all to play for to win the race of the evolving, more discerning, less gullible but ever voracious consumer but with an awareness that has making conscious consumption cool.

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Panel 10 - Oceans and Rivers

4:30pm - 5:30pm 
Up ‘shit creek’ without a paddle

It would be embarrassing if it weren’t so soul destroying to fully grasp the condition of the U.K. rivers and our costal waters today. We can’t swim without having to check pollution levels, drinking water bottled in plastic has started to feel like a scary proposition, tap water in our homes even more so. Sewage, endocrine disrupters, nano-plastics, chemical cocktail, dead-zones… this has gone way too far. The stories have hit home, the pressure has reached fever pitch, so where do the solutions lie, who will deliver them and how? Can it be done, is it political welly that will save the day or where are the heroes we need to champion… and where do beaver fit in?

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