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Extreme Hangout @ London Climate Action Week

Extreme Hangout is thrilled to partner with Ladbroke Hall, bringing free interactive sessions for all to attend on 26th and 27th June 2024, during London Climate Action Week.


This June, we will be hosting a two-day programme in partnership with Ladbroke Hall, Notting Hill’s stage for the arts, featuring fun and engaging sessions focussed on positive climate action.


We will continue our tradition of captivating events with sessions including a live plant-based cooking demonstration by Bosh TV and an exclusive screening of the film ‘Amazonia: The Heart of Mother Earth’ by Marie-Esméralda of Belgium and director Gert-Peter Bruch.


Register for your free ticket here and we look forward to seeing you there!


Amber Nuttall, Founder and Creative Director of Extreme Hangout said“It’s a great honour to be working with the magnificent Ladbroke Hall as we put on our first London Climate Action Week event. It is a pivotal moment for Extreme Hangout to bring together key partners and we have a fantastic team ready to deliver climate conversations that people haven’t seen before. 


Our philosophy is to engage and inspire young people, popularise the climate conversation, infuse it with hope and opportunity, through diverse, intergenerational, inter-community conversations showing that together we can build the 2050 of our dreams. Our two-day programme at LCAW is an opportunity for people to have fun, to learn something new and network with a diverse crowd.”


Loïc Le Gaillard, Co-founder of Ladbroke Hall said: “I want everyone who walks through our doors to learn something; to share something. It is this collective energy that makes the Ladbroke Hall community so powerful; a creative energy that knows no bounds.


We are delighted to be hosting Extreme Hangout’s two-day event at Ladbroke Hall; an inspirational and experiential opportunity we could not miss to engage more meaningfully with such an important week in London’s calendar. We look forward to hosting all LCAW guests as well as our Patrons.”


Extreme Hangout welcomes collaborative commercial opportunities for the duration of its LCAW event.


Please contact for all enquiries.

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