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08:00 - 09:00
3 regulations meditation with Qi-Gong and fire
breathwork hosted by Wisdom Health

Start your day by bringing awareness and spaciousness to the present moment and connect with your intentions for COP27.

Every morning we will start with 3 regulations meditation,  Qi-Gong and/or fire breathwork.

In these sessions you will develop tools to connect and expand mind, body and soul.

To close each session we will share briefly and align our intention for the day.

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Day 1, Session 1
09:15 - 10:15

Attention! World Leaders: No More Cop Outs?

Youth activist juggernauts Elizabeth Wathuti and Alejandro Daly open the Extreme Stage with Paul Polman and Wanjira Mathai on why we cannot wait for governments. Instead, as citizens, employees, communities and companies, we must work together to forge the partnerships to tackle the mounting problems of inequality and climate change that we face today. The leadership we need goes beyond the world leaders.

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Day 1, Session 2
12:00 - 13:00

How To Survive and Thrive the climate Crisis from a Small Island Perspective

The main themes of this panel will include L&D, indigenous knowledge, climate finance and climate justice.

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innovative climate


Day 1, Session 3
14:00 - 15:00

Innovative Climate Change Solutions: Achieving Net Zero

Companies, governments, civil society organisations, and international bodies are increasingly committing to ambitious carbon reduction targets to tackle the climate crisis. COP26 saw the agreement of global net zero by the mid-21st century. Net zero emissions will not just require unprecedented organisation and international consensus; it will also require a new generation of innovative climate solutions, ranging from technology to our energy systems. Young people are the driving force behind net zero. In this session, learn more about how young leaders are bringing innovative solutions to the climate crisis and what steps need to be taken to reach net zero targets on time.

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Day 1, Session 4
16:00 - 17:00

Outsider In Nature: The Punks & Pioneers Leading the Biomimicry Charge

Innovations to reimagine the future 
Can you pinpoint when Mother Nature ever wastes a single resource? She has had the answer for millenia: clouds become rain, bird poo becomes soil fertiliser. Going back to go forward is the key to unlocking a sustainable future in design. Meet the visionaries whose innovation deploys the ultimate logic and intelligence.

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Day 1, Session 5
18:00 - 19:00

We Are Antarctica: film screening and conversation

How can we feel connected with the most remote parts of nature? When the nations of the world gather to make decisions for our shared future, who speaks for Antarctica?

A key regulator of our climate and ocean systems, Antarctica is a fundamental part of human existence. This interactive event invites you to reimagine your relationship to this delicate ecosystem and take an active role in her future. Join us for a fireside screening of the Earthrise Original short film ‘We Are Antarctica' followed by an interactive discussion with Climate Justice Activists Dominique Palmer, Ayisha Siddiqa,  Climate Champion Shivi Dwivedi, and Reboot the Future’s CEO Anthony Bennett. 


Day 1, Session 6
19:30 - 22:00

Waterbear Screenings

Screening of films


THE BREAKDOWN SEASON 2 - Watch Trailer & Series

This series breaks down all aspects of the climate and the ecological crisis. It explores how we got here, where we are headed, and what humanity can do to make a difference. Presented by Jack Harries, it highlights the key themes at the forefront of young people’s minds today, in a clear and relatable way.


A Deep-Sea Fable

The deep sea is home to the greatest diversity of species and ecosystems on Earth. Our increased focus on renewable energy resources and electric vehicles has put an equally new and huge demand on the need for the metals needed to make these products. With this, mining corporations are on the verge of stripping the  seabeds for these metals without knowledge of awareness of the potentially catastrophic effects it could have. This could begin as early as 2023.

This film will use animation and humor to show the beautiful wonder of the deep-sea and mankind's worst tendencies with the goal to bring the urgent topic of deep-sea mining to a broader audience through an enjoyable, engaging and humorous format.


MAME COUMBA BANG - Watch Trailer & Series

This “Living Story” introduces us to Mame Coumba Bang, a goddess living among the people of Saint-Louis in Senegal. Where the mouth of the Senegal River meets the Atlantic sea, there dwells a volatile, shapeshifting spirit. For many years, she has lived in harmony with the community. She controls the flow of the Senegal River, protecting them from the dangerous currents, enabling them to fish, even bathe, in these treacherous waters – but outsiders who do not pay tribute should beware. In a city that could be described as ‘ground zero’ for climate change, it is the belief of many that the constant flooding, lack of fish stocks and the rapidly eroding coastline are all directly linked to Mame Coumba’s wrath…

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