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08:00 - 09:15
3 regulations meditation with Qi-Gong and fire
breathwork hosted by Wisdom Health

Start your day by bringing awareness and spaciousness to the present moment and connect with your intentions for COP27.

Every morning we will start with 3 regulations meditation,  Qi-Gong and/or fire breathwork.

In these sessions you will develop tools to connect and expand mind, body and soul.

To close each session we will share briefly and align our intention for the day.

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tipping points

Day 2, Session 1
10:00 - 11:00

Tipping Points & Mobilising the Next Generations with PM Bahamas

A 2021 UN Study found that 83% of young people thought that there had been a failure to care for the planet, with 89% of youth respondents saying young people can make a difference. The evidence is clear; young people are at the centre of action on climate change, and must be given a seat at the table as we move forward towards decarbonising the global economy.In this session, learn more about the role that young people have in shaping the climate debate and how policymakers and climate decision-makers can take steps to be inclusive of young people in shaping their response to climate change.

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Day 2, Session 2
12:00 - 13:00

Making Farming Sexy. The Next Generation of Regenerative Farmers can be the Turning Point in our Fight against climate change

A discussion on how regenerative agriculture can help fight the negative effects of climate change

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Day 2, Session 3
14:00 - 15:00

The Psychology of Desire: Step inside the Brains of Consumers and Advertisers, As We Unravel Excess Consumption

Greenwith will lead a discussion into the psychology of consumerism and its implications for the wider environment.

The earth is buckling under our excess waste and emissions. Solutions and innovation abound to solve this, but one aspect slips under the radar: what is deep beneath over-consumption in the first place? The answer lies in looking under the bonnet to neurocircuitry. Cue the dopamine rush and reward pathways in our brains, and what manipulates them: the subterfuge tools and mechanisms deployed by the dark wizards of advertising.

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Day 2, Session 4
16:00 - 17:00

Is a toxic culture at COP preventing change, what can we do about it?

Act4Food Act4Change will be hosting a two part session at the EXTREME Hangout alongside esteemed guests. During the first part of the session, we will challenge the current ways climate change discussions are being held at COP and other international conferences. We will examine the observed big gaps between governmental commitments and actions and discuss the observation that there is a toxic culture whereby young people, and other marginalised stakeholders are being excluded in finding solutions to today’s multiple systemic crisis. These are issues that the next generation will be tasked with solving if humanity is going to survive in the future. During an intergenerational panel discussion, we will discuss barriers and limitations to the current way of working as well as propose alternative ways which are inspiring a new generation to take action.

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17:00 - 17:45

Using alternative communication styles to explore more inclusive ways of negotiating

The second half of the session will be dedicated to interactive dialogue about what was discussed during the first session. We will draw from indigenous techniques like the Talanoa Dialogue which was developed and launched in Fiji at COP23. We will facilitated new ways of communicating that make space for incorporating compassion and the human element of the climate crisis. Act4Food Act4Change our panellists and the audience will showcase that alternative means of negotiation are possible, and necessary for a fairer food future.

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Day 2, Session 6
18:00 - 20:00

Impact One Event

Impact One hosts an evening event focused on indigenous culture and its Forest One initiative, presented in partnership with Therme Group. The programme will include discussions with indigenous leaders and youths, the presentation of “The Amazon’s Marathon: Race to Zero and to Resilience” report, and a panel in which leading urban development and infrastructure developers will debate responsibility towards the planet’s green lungs. The evening will be concluded with a Yawanawa ceremony with music and traditional chants.

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Nina Gualinga

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Isku Kua





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Mariana Maia

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Jeanne de Kroon

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Tony Cho

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Marcelo Pasquini

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Ilona Szabó

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