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The UAE will host the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28 Summit) in Dubai from the 30th November to the 12th December 2023, bringing together global leaders and organisations to accelerate action towards the goal of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Young changemakers want their voices heard but have little participation in these formal proceedings.

EXTREME has made it its mission to give them a seat at the table and a platform for their voices to be heard.

For this reason, The EXTREME Hangout was launched and became a leading fringe event at COP26 in Glasgow and COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh.


At COP28 we will be even bigger than ever, with a major space in the Dubai Expo and right next to all the political action.

Whilst COP28 will officially start on the 30th November, the Extreme Hangout pavilion will operate from the 03rd - 12th December.

Our experience and reputation have gained us a major space within the Green Zone at the Dubai Expo for COP28, right next to where all the political action is taking place. 


With a capacity of up to 3000 people, the Extreme Hangout pavilion will be an inspirational and energetic part of COP and the place to be, at no cost for attendance.  


Over the 10 days, we will host some of the world’s leading organisations & individuals and showcase live discussion, education and entertainment. 


This is jointly managed & curated with our dedicated sponsors, NGOs and supporters.  


Our agenda for the event is being finalised and the following are examples of topics & speakers that audiences could enjoy:


A day of hope. Health, Relief, Recovery, Peace

Rethinking our worlds. Human kindness and the drivers of  positive change - Wisdom Health, Kindnamic, European Space Agency, Plum Village, Human health


Energy, Industry and Just Transition - Global responsibility across our most contentious industries. How do we get industry to the table and all work together, rather than against each other on policy and investment decisions. Long term solutions.


Raising Impact (COP Rest day) - Impact investment, philanthropy, strategic planning to support companies that harness exponential innovation to impact humanity and our planet.


Nature and Land Use - Stop driving this crazy consumption. Celebrating new values from fashion, beauty, manufacturing & retail, weaving a new narrative. Reinvent to drive change. How do we protect our animals from extinction?

DEC 11

Climate Tourism (no COP theme) - How does the movement of people affect our planet? What impact will the climate have on where our people are able to reside and furthermore on the creation of our traditional communities. 


Finance, Trade, Gender equality, Accountability - Friend or foe? The sticking points, the outstanding heroes, the definition of true ambition. How to get them to cross the line from net-problem to net-solution.


Multi level action, Urbanisation and build environment, Transport - How are our cities being built for the future with integrated travel networks? What does our international travel look like and its impact on the planet?


Youth, Children, Education, Skills – Reframing the narrative, innovative, fun ways to foster curiosity and build communities embracing sport, movement, art, culture, gaming, song and social interactions

DEC 10

Food, Agriculture and Water - Wealth and health, the role of food from seed to stomach supply chain, our greatest weapon in our climate, biodiversity and desertification armoury. How will safe water availability continue to affect us?

DEC 12

Oceans (no COP theme) - The big blue, our greatest carbon sink and home of hope. What does true protection look like, deep sea mining, overfishing, fish farming, seaweed - exploring the struggles and solutions.


Learn more about the Extreme Hangout at COP28 and how you can get involved here.

If you’re interested to join us at The Extreme Hangout, either as a panel member or as a direct speaker, please send your CV and a short letter outlining what you would be interested to talk about and why we should consider you to

To partner, sponsor, speak, support or host a hangout in your community, please get in touch. See you at the Extreme Hangout at COP28!

Thank you, you are now registered for the EXTREME Hangout.

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