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Extreme Hangout London Kicks Off Climate-Impact Global Series

The first Extreme Hangout Local event was held in London’s City Hall as part of the London Climate Action Week, kicking off EXTREME’s ambitious goal to deliver 50 impact events in 50 locations in the next 5 years.

Supported by The Extreme Hangout team, The Extreme Hangout London was organised and hosted by the Future Leaders Network in partnership with the Greater London Authority’s Youth Engagement team.

Centered around the theme of "Developing My Climate Leadership Story", the event presented a line-up of inspiring speakers leading the movement for climate change, who shared their personal climate leadership journeys and advice on how the attendees could start and develop their own paths to make a positive impact.

The speakers included;

As well as Future Leaders Network speakers and organisers;

  • Sophie Daud, CEO of the Future Leaders Network and Co-Founder of the Youth Negotiators Academy

  • Charlie Bevis, G20 (Youth) UK Ambassador and Stop Ecocide UK Ambassador

  • Leah Sier, Head of Communities for the Future Leaders Network

  • Theo Harris, Analyst at Eden McCallum

Spoken word artists, Kismet Meyon, Safa Mehmood and Jordan M also inspired creativity and wonder in the use of language across the day, whilst a team from Climate Clarity delivered a spectacular Climate Fresk workshop for the participants to gain a solid understanding of the climate science and reflect on the problems or solutions that most spoke to them.

The Extreme Hangout Local is a one-to-two-day climate action event held in communities around the world. Supported by EXTREME and PwC but organised and hosted by passionate change-makers, in collaboration with local organisations, influencers, activists, pioneers, innovating companies, cities, and tourism boards.

Soon to be appearing will be Extreme Hangout Locals in Dar Es Salaam, Fiji, Cascais, Rocky Mountains, Kampala, Lake Victoria, Amsterdam and more.

An up-to-date calendar of events can be accessed here

Applications to host an event in your local community are always welcomed and can be registered through

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