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London, England, United Kingdom

- This job post is now closed -

Inspired by our love of the outdoors, adventure sports and our passion to protect the planet, Extreme established The Extreme Hangout as the sustainability impact platform to give young people a voice around climate issues and drive environmental action.

Launched in 2021 The Extreme Hangout became a leading fringe event at COP26 in Glasgow. We took over a repurposed ferry on the River Clyde, created a hub and delivered 11 days of inspiring conferences and evening entertainment. Over 6000 people came to hear and be motivated by more than 200 incredible speakers from Bear Grylls to Lily Cole, all of which delivered 5 million video impressions off the live stream and video on demand service.

EXTREME Hangout at COP26 Video recap: The EXTREME Hangout at COP26

EXTREME Hangout at COP27 Video recap: The EXTREME Hangout at COP27

The Extreme Hangout has three elements we are building out which are:

  1. The Extreme Hangout at COP - Our major 8-to-10-day annual event held at COP every year, live streamed globally.

  2. The Extreme Hangout local series is being rolled out globally and set to run in city, beach, and mountain locations around the world in partnership with local organisers, with the objective to connect, engage and amplify local voices and drive local action. With over 68 groups already expressing interest and some dates set this is positioned to grow very fast.

  3. The Extreme Hangout video and voice podcast series for year-round engagement and available on multiple platforms.


UAE will host the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai on 30 Nov to 12 Dec 2023.The COP28 summit will bring global leaders and organisations together to accelerate action towards the goal of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Young changemakers want their voices heard and have little participation in the formal proceedings. EXTREME has made it its mission to give them a seat at the table and a platform for their voice to be heard.

From 01st - 10th Dec, some of the worlds leading organisations & individuals will join us to inspire & drive debate, discussion & action. This is jointly managed & curated with sponsors, NGOs, and supporters.

The Extreme Hangout local series

With the EXTREME Hangout, we want to engage and inspire young people, harness the power of sport, champion actions worth taking, work collaboratively with and connect amazing partners who are thinking outside the box and amplify the volume of all doing climate action work. With this initiative we are looking to find the gears to turn the cogs to amplify the volume to drive massive behavioural change. Based on this and building on the success at Glasgow and Egypt we have just onboarded PWC as a global partner and are now rolling out this ambitious programme with the goal to deliver 50 local impact events in 50 locations over the next 3 years.

About The Role

We are now looking for a brilliant individual who will manage and lead the development across all areas of this important initiative, you will be passionate and committed to sustainability and driving environmental action, with a very strong conference and events operational and management skill set you will be comfortable working with multiple stakeholders and have the confidence to drive and build the whole foundation forward.

We are looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, passionate, high organised, energetic and go getting and with strong event operations and management skills who can manage all aspects of the program and lead the team as we roll out across multiple cities.

Required Skills, Educational Background, and Experience

  • BSc/BA in Business or relevant field; MSc/MA is a plus.

  • Proven experience as a General Manager or similar executive role (Minimum 7 years experience)

  • Demonstrated ability to work with and lead teams of vendors, contractors, and staff.

  • International event management and logistics experience.

  • Significant conference and Event Marketing and PR experience.

  • Excellent organizational and project management skills.

  • Sponsorship and partnership management.

  • NGO Partnership management

  • A passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to advocate for change in this area.

Desired knowledge of

  • CRM systems

  • Media and marketing

Responsibilities include but are not limited to.

  • Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Extreme Hangout team.

  • Developing a strategy and set goals for growth of Extreme Hangout.

  • Collaborate with vendors, suppliers, and contractors for all event logistics, including venue selection, set-up, and tear-down.

  • Sourcing, liaising, and negotiating with vendors, sponsors, and partners.

  • Overseeing the recruitment of new employees and supervise Extreme Hangout staff.

  • Meeting with the staff regularly to discuss plans, goals, and strategies.

  • Maintaining budgets and optimizing expenses.

  • Developing and recommending marketing plans for the Extreme Hangout.

  • Presenting suggestions to enhance the events success.

The foundations have been laid and all the pieces are in place to build the Extreme Hangout into something extraordinary with significant and long-lasting impact and effect and we are now looking for the right individual to drive and lead it.

If you are interested and you meet the selection criteria, please apply or send an email to with a short cover letter outlining why you are interested in joining the EXTREME team; what excites you about the opportunity; how you fit with the specific role; and your CV. Thank you and good luck.


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