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Exciting Collaborations for the Extreme Hangout at COP28

We are thrilled to share our stellar partnerships for COP28.

Whether an event partner, curator partner, or programme partner, without them, the Extreme Hangout’s presence and impact at the annual COP conferences would not be feasible.

“We have an amazing team of passionate collaborators and staff, and can’t wait to deliver a programme of activities that engages with young people, popularises the climate conversation and inspires climate action” enthused Amber Nuttall, Extreme Hangout’s Founder and Creative Director.

The 10-day programme starting from the 03rd of December, will run from 10am-10pm each day, with partners leading or supporting various activities including exhibitions, panel discussions, storytelling, fireside chats, entertainment, and more. With their assistance, the Extreme Hangout will retain its place as the leading, dynamic and purpose-driven fringe event at COP.

A full list of all our partners can be viewed on our website’s Partner page along with the programme of activities and speaker list.

To attend any of the events, visitors are encouraged to book their Extreme Hangout tickets and their Green Zone Day Passes.

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