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Extreme Hangout Marks Major Milestone with 10 Events in 15 Weeks

With 10 successful climate-impact events in just 15 weeks, the Extreme Hangout team have reason to celebrate. This major milestone was reached during the Extreme Hangout Cascais Portugal event that took place between the 06th-08th October.

Our community-based, sustainability impact platform launched at COP26 Glasgow has already travelled across 3 continents in the last 15 weeks, sharing knowledge and inspiring discussions across environmental conservation in Europe, Africa, and South America.

104 speakers from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicity, industries, and generations took to our stages, educating, inspiring, and engaging with their communities and audiences.

A special shout out goes out to all of our amazing hosts;

  1. Leah Sier and Future Leaders Network: Extreme Hangout London, UK (30th June)

  2. Charlie Bevis and Issy Cooper: Extreme Hangout Soho, UK (09th July)

  3. Marwa Mohabe and Humphrey Mrema: Extreme Hangout Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (22nd July)

  4. Leonard Iyamuremye: Extreme Hangout Kigali, Rwanda (3rd August)

  5. Kevin Mtai: Extreme Hangout Soy, Kenya (15th August)

  6. Nurudin Busingye: Extreme Hangout Kampala, Uganda (15th August)

  7. Rocio Garcia Solca and The Global School: Extreme Hangout Buenos Aires, Argentina (29th August)

  8. Ibrahim Inusa: Extreme Hangout Machina, Nigeria (31st August)

  9. Emma Askew: Extreme Hangout Eden Project (30th Sept)

  10. Vanessa Arelle and EXTREME International: Extreme Hangout Cascais, Portugal (6-08th October)

Following the undeniable successes of the Extreme Hangout at COP26 Glasgow and COP27 Sharm El Sheikh, the Extreme Hangout team set a target to deliver 50 impact events in 50 locations over the next 5 years. With these recent 10 outstanding hangouts and so many more already in the calendar, it is evident that more so than ever there is the determination to make a difference.

Amber Nuttall, Founder and Creative Director of the Extreme Hangout shared her thoughts on the journey so far.

“The final conversation at the Extreme Hangout Cascais spoke about the ripple effect, as they cast outwards how these ripples create waves. I could not think of a better analogy for our work over the last two years. We chucked ourselves into the climate conversation to see what would happen; the ripples have been cast far and wide and not only does our event at COP each year attract voices from across our beautiful planet but now too these voices are riding their own waves, creating their own events and celebrating local voices, the climate champions from their own regions. It has been a joy to behold. 

Our young hosts are choosing their programming, they are growing through their role of events organiser and coordinator, they are developing a wide range of skills and all while working in support of their local communities. They have brought not only panel discussions of their creation to the fore but have also been keen to celebrate culture and storytelling in their own ways, local language and through many mediums, sport, art, music, poetry, dance and more.”

The climate emergency is so challenging, it brings out the best and worst in people and yet more are confused, paralysed or simply left so full of anxiety that ignoring the true horrors feels genuinely like the only response they can muster. But I know I am not alone in celebrating the way many young people from around the world, global south and global north, from inner cities to indigenous strongholds, conventionally educated or not at all, have come to make a stand against the fossil fuel industry, against the destruction of wildlife and the earths living systems, against pollution of all kinds and inequality. Their pied piper… their hopes and dreams for the future. And they have not simply followed passively as these hopes and dreams have been chipped away at by the very generations that bore them, they have laid their own path, they are stepping up, pulling together and demanding control of their own destiny, it’s epic to behold. Our role at the Extreme Hangout is an honour, we get to champion the true champions” continued Amber Nuttall.

Next stop, will be North America for the Extreme Hangout Rocky Mountains on the 21st of October, followed by an Extreme Hangout Dublin on the 29th of November alongside PwC, before our major annual event from the 03rd-12th December at COP28 in Dubai, UAE where Extreme Hangout will operate a pavilion within the Green Zone of the Dubai Expo in Al Forsan Park, right next to all the political action. Check out our COP28 page for details on how you can get involved.

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