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Following two incredible Extreme Hangouts at COP26 Glasgow and COP27 Egypt, The Extreme Hangout has launched its global series.

Extreme Hangout Local is our global climate-impact series to give young change-makers around the world a voice, popularise the climate movement and inspire environmental action.

With PwC signed up as the first global sponsor and 68 groups from around the world already registered to host an event within their local communities the foundations are set to fly!

The first cohort of Extreme Hangout Local includes Fiji, Nigeria, Argentina, Uganda, Canada, Rwanda, Portugal, Tanzania and the UK, and we couldn’t be more excited, with the Extreme Hangout Dar Es Salaam, kicking things off on the 24thJune followed by Extreme Hangout Kisumu on 27th June, then on to the Extreme Hangout London on the 30thJune. Extreme Hangouts in Kigali, Fiji, Abuja, Kampala, Soy, Buenos Aires, Machina, Cascais, Edmonton will follow soon after. Details on our global series, the local events, organisers and themes will be shared on The Extreme Hangout and through EXTREME International’s vast media network and fan base.

Extreme Hangout Local are 1-2 day, TedX-style events run in partnership with passionate climate advocates, pioneers, companies, cities, and tourism boards in destinations all over the world.  The objective is simple - to connect and inspire, shake up the climate conversation, bring in new voices, amplify local climate heroes and celebrate local solutions. We want to weave in culture, hope and optimism to the debate, ensure intergenerational conversations are taking place, showcase all this to the world, and show that together across communities we can build the future of our dreams.

The local organisers run and coordinate the event on the ground and are supported by The Extreme Hangout team who provide the detailed step-by-step manual, the framework and platform and will distribute livestreams and video content across EXTREME International’s media network, which has approaching 20 million fans.

EXTREME’s Environmental and Sustainability Director, Amber Nuttall shared, “By popularising the climate movement and inspiring people globally, together we aim to spark a wave of positive change and drive environmental action. We believe everyone has the power to make a difference through their choices and their voice, and these events, will provide change-makers with the platform they need to be heard. We are beyond grateful for the enthusiasm with which this initiative has been received and look forward to getting it off the ground with our first event in Tanzania.”

Look out for The Extreme Hangout in:

Tanzania, Rwanda, Fiji, Nigeria, Uganda, Argentina, Canada, London, Portugal, Ireland and India with more to be announced. Register here to host a hangout in your community.

In addition, The Extreme Hangout team are preparing for our annual presence at the UN Conference Of the Parties (COP) scheduled to take place in the United Arab Emirates from 30th November to 13th December 2023 at the Dubai Expo City.

The venue and design are being finalised, whilst inspiring global speakers and partners are being lined up for the 10-day programme that promises to cement The Extreme Hangout as the leading youth focused, change making event platform where serious discussions around climate action will be heard. For more information, visit: Extreme Hangout at COP28.

About COP28 UAE

“COP28 UAE will be a milestone moment when the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement”, ( Over 130 world leaders, 60,000 to 80,000 UN accredited participants, 20,000 + daily visitors and approximately 4000 media representatives are expected to converge onto Dubai Expo City. These delegates and visitors will predominantly focus on activities within the UNFCCC managed site dubbed the Blue Zone, which will host the formal negotiations over the two-week period. However, on top of these figures, is the expectation of 30,000 to 50,000 daily visitors to the Green Zone which will offer a platform for non-accredited delegates, youth groups, organisations, civil societies, academia, artists and the public.

About Extreme Hangout Local

Extreme Hangout Local is organised and hosted by passionate climate advocates working with brilliant change-makers, influencers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, brands, companies, cities and tourism boards. The Extreme Hangout central team provide the brand under a licence agreement, our conference manual which explains in detail how to run the event, overarching themes and speaker advice, media platform access, content editing and distribution.

For more information and to find our application form, visit: Hosting an Extreme Hangout

Host an Extreme Hangout Local - Get involved:

We are looking for young climate advocate partners around the world. If you are interested in organising an Extreme Hangout Local in your community, we would love for you to apply. If you have an amazing network to share this opportunity with, please encourage them to apply through the link above!

For more information on Extreme Hangout Local and our participation at COP28 UAE, contact the team on

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