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Introducing the Visionary Changemakers Taking Centre Stage at COP28

Experts in sustainability, climate action, and global prosperity, the outstanding changemakers taking to the Extreme Hangout stage will offer diverse perspectives, deliver engaging narratives, deepen understanding, and inspire change.

Over 450 speakers from all over the world will convene at the Extreme Hangout in the Green Zone of Al Forsan park, from the 03rd to the 12th December.

"Through diverse, intergenerational, inter-community conversations, we will deliver a programme infused with hope and opportunity, to engage and inspire young people and popularise the climate conversation. I know I am not alone in celebrating the way many young people, underrepresented communities, and passionate changemakers from around the world, global south and global north, from inner cities to indigenous strongholds, conventionally educated or not at all, have come to make a stand, share their thoughts and inspire change. Our role at the Extreme Hangout is an honour. We get to champion the true champions." shared Amber Nuttall, Founder and Creative Director of Extreme Hangout.

A full list of speakers participating in the events whether on panels, in fireside chats, or as storytellers, can be accessed on the Extreme Hangout website's COP28 Speaker page. Click on their profile picture to learn more about each. Our full programme is also available.

To attend any of the activities, visitors are invited to book their slot here.

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