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Extreme Hangout at COP28 Report and Recap Video

We build unique stages, and we work with an amazing community. At COP28 our programme of 40 panels, 32 workshops, 30 storytellers and 14 musical events was delivered by our amazing community.

"Thank you for joining us on this transformative journey at Extreme Hangout COP28 Dubai, where passion met purpose, love partnered with resilience and all together we showcased that dreams and hard work can equal a truly magnificent future for all!"

Amber Nuttall, Founder of Extreme Hangout

Read the Extreme Hangout at COP28 Report here

At COP28 in Dubai we took over a park and built a main stage, a Hangout tent, a workshop space, multifunctional studios and programmed diverse voices, inspirational storytellers, and intergenerational conversations for 10 days non-stop. It was a marathon! Please take a look at the report above, there were so many amazing contributions.

From the report a few headline numbers for you:  

  • 20,000 visitors, 10M+ saw Extreme Hangout online  

  • 550 speakers, 54% under 30, 61% female, 75% young or marginalised voices 

  • 140 nationalities at the Extreme Hangout 

  • 100 c-suite level involved in intergenerational conversations 

  • Top 20 influencers on our stage have audience of 100M across social media 

  • 2000 discounted hotel nights for young or indigenous leaders to attend COP

The Extreme Hangout truly is greater than the sum of all its parts. Our thanks go to our entire community for all your outstanding contributions. And a huge shout out to our sponsors and strategic partners. Without your support none of this would be possible.  

About the Extreme Hangout

The Extreme Hangout is a platform for climate action events, media and community. Our vision and purpose is to give young changemakers a voice on the environment, diversify and popularise the climate conversation, and inspire urgent environmental action. Since launch in 2021 we have hosted 18 events across 4 continents and reached an online audience of 15M+. Join the movement and be part of this growing global community!


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