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Host an Extreme Hangout Local with us

Extreme Hangout Locals are 1 or 2 day climate action events, hosted locally, anywhere in the world, by you!

We launched the local series last year and so far 14 have appeared around the world, from London, Soho, Dar Es Salaam, Kigali, Soy, Kampala, Buenos Aires, Machina, Eden Project, Cascais, Rocky Mountains, Dublin, Amsterdam and the Bahamas.  A huge shout out to our many fabulous hosts!

Would you like to host an Extreme Hangout Local in your community?

Do you know a changemaker that would?

There is no charge from Extreme to host an Extreme Hangout Local*

*unless you are want to establish an Extreme Hangout Hub or Extreme Hangout Business

If you have a passion for our planet, hungry to highlight the individuals and businesses who are taking action today and have the desire to organise an Extreme Hangout Local, please get in touch! Everyone has the power to make a difference.

"It has been my delight to join a handful of Extreme Hangout Locals in the past 8 months, watching, listening, and encouraging them all makes me believe we can change the world by joining up, celebrating and empowering one community at a time across every corner of the world. Together we can imagine and build the future of our dreams - what are we waiting for, let's do it!" Amber Nuttall, Founder and Creative Director, Extreme Hangout

How does an Extreme Hangout Local work?

Extreme Hangouts are designed to take place in any great location from a school, community centre, workplace, town hall, local museum, beach bar or mountain top, we hope they might grow from a modest start to an annual event in your neighbourhood.


They are organised by local hosts who are climate advocates with a passion for the future, driven to get things done, with an enthusiasm to engage their communities and share great stories.

A framework for inspiration, engagement and fun!

The format is similar to TedX, where Extreme delivers the brand, a manual, a framework, overarching themes, speaker advice, media platform access, content editing and distribution. The local hosts organise and run the event with the Extreme team on hand to offer guidance and network connections as you prepare.


We want these events to be as fun, engaging and inspiring as possible so encourage our hosts to work with great storytellers. We also want them to be infused with local culture, whether that be music, dance, sport, food, fashion, art workshop or performance of any kind.

Join a global movement with purpose!



For more information:

3/ Email with any query

4/ Fill out the application form below to apply to host your own Extreme Hangout Local!

We would love to work with you!

About the Extreme Hangout

The Extreme Hangout is a platform for climate action events, media and community. Our vision and purpose is to give young changemakers a voice on the environment, diversify and popularise the climate conversation, and inspire urgent environmental action. Since launch in 2021 we have hosted 18 events across 4 continents, with


30,000 visitors, 15M+ seen Extreme Hangout online

1000 speakers, 55% under 30, 61% female, 75% young or marginalised

140+ nationalities on Extreme Hangout stages

200 c-suite level involved in intergenerational conversations

Top 20 influencers on our stages have audience of 120M across social media

Secured 2000 hotel nights for young / indigenous to attend COP28 

Join the movement and be part of this growing global community!

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