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Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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It's a Wrap

As the curtains close, we reflect on the insightful dialogues, passionate discussions, and the many revelations shared throughout COP. We open discussion about the riveting sessions which have weaved a tapestry of ideas, aspirations, and urgent calls of action these last two weeks. This gathering has served as a crucible for collaboration, fostering connections with the heartfelt aim of driving towards change, but is COP really fit for purpose? Nothing is perfect, but have we truly seen enough of the essential outcomes that we need to be able to justify it’s continuation? ....Ultimately, what on-earth should we do now?

Curated by: Extreme Hangout

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David Shukman
Climate Consultant

‘Thank you ending on an optimistic note’ – why I believe we can do it.

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Community-building and Innovation for the Ocean

TShowcase the innovative future of ocean conservation featuring young ocean solutionists from coastal communities across our shared blue planet. Provide valuable lessons about the power of community-building to inspire the audience to lead community-led solutions. Dive into the opportunities and challenges for meaningful youth impact in ocean-climate solutions

Curated by: Bodhi Patil

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Mark Haver

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Using state-of-the-art technologies like satellite imagery and AI to enhance marine conservation and reach the 30x30 target

More than 80% of the ocean is unexplored, and only 8.1% of the ocean is protected, even though we aim to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. Therefore, we need methods to rapidly increase the amount of accurate data to inform systemic changes within climate and biodiversity strategies. This event showcases one of these methods: by counting whales from space using satellite imagery and AI, SPACEWHALE can study previously unexplored areas, answer key questions about where most whales are, and, together with WDC, accelerate the designation of Important Marine Mammal Areas and Marine Protected Areas. Collaborations across sectors at events like this can turbo-charge success, bringing together experience and innovation to tackling long-standing challenges.

Curated by: BioConsult SH

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Yousuf Caire

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Heidi Pearson


Jurgis Didziulis



Charting a New course: Rowing Across the Pacific to Save Our Seas

In 2023 Harry Amos and Paris Norriss rowed 2,800miles (2,200NM) across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii – a feat only 80 people in the world had achieved until this year. They tell a story of 39 days at sea battling the brutal elements, being pushed off course, breaking oars, near misses with container ships, and being forced to lock down in cabins with no prospect of rescue. The endeavour was in support of the crucial work being done by The Blue Marine Foundation and their mission to conserve 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. Joined by Dr Tiffany Delport, Marine Conservation expert, they discuss their ocean adventure, the threats faced by our seas, and what we need to do preserve our Oceans for the next 100 years. 

Curated by: Paris Norriss

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Elsie Gabriel


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