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Youth, Children, Education, and Skills

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Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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Hope and Anxiety in the Climate Crisis.

Join this session for young COP delegates to talk openly about the mental health challenges faced by many activists today, and discuss why fighting for a more just and resilient future can and should go hand in hand with nurturing one‘s own wellbeing. The panel includes climate justice activist, researcher and writer Tori Tsui, and Akimal O'Otham and Hopie, Jacob Johns. In this discussion we hope to create a space for changemakers to share, discover and explore some of the tools and resources available to look after themselves, and each other, as we continue to navigate the climate crisis.

Curated by: Natural History Museum/We Are Family Foundation

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Ellyanne Wanjiku Chlystun

Zero Malaria: Change the Story


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Rebooting Education

Step into the future of learning with Anthony Bennett of Reboot the Future, and Kay Vasey from MeshMinds, a creative technology studio, as they unveil a radical twist on sustainability education in the digital age. This dynamic talk will blend crucial insights from Reboot the Future's major survey of 6,500 UK teachers with the high-tech wonder of the latest projects from MeshMinds.

Curated by: Reboot the Future and MeshMinds

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A Youth Leadership Conversation on the Climate Crisis

Discover how we can forge inclusive solutions that prioritize social justice awareness in our collective climate efforts, and ensure that the burden of advocacy for inclusion doesn't fall solely on the shoulders of younger generations.

Curated by: Natural History Museum/We Are Family Foundation

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Melati Wijsen

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Restoring Our Relationship with Nature

In comparison to the climate crisis, awareness of and concern for biodiversity loss is still relatively low. Yet, it is biodiversity that sustains us as a species - from the air we breathe and the food we eat, to our mental wellbeing and the medicines we depend upon. Join this discussion with scientists and activists about our relationship with nature, how we are part of the very ecosystems we depend upon, and what nature positive actions we can take to ensure a healthy future for people and planet.

Curated by: Natural History Museum/We Are Family Foundation

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Bodhi Patil

Ocean Climate Solutionist Dedicated to Improving Ocean Health and Human Health

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Bigger Than Us Screening and Q & A

"BIGGER THAN US is a 96 minute documentary shot in 7 countries, covering the most pressing issues of our times and the actions of seven amazing young change-makers to save lives and dignity in their respective community. It is an ode to our world and to our Youth, its wisdom and courage. Its very desire to live big". Join Melati Wijsen, the protagonist of the film, for a special screenign and Q and A afterwards, moderated by fellow filmmaker and young changemaker Kasha Slavner.

Curated by: We are Family Foundation

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8:30 -9:30
AY Young
Music for Impact - A Performance by AY Young


AY is a singer, songwriter, activist, and entrepreneur who uses his music to support global communities without access to electricity, model sustainability in his industry, and inspire global action. He's the founder and CEO of Battery Tour and a UN Youth Ambassador. Over the past 10 years, he has performed over 900 concerts internationally and has opened for artists like Wiz Khalifa, Shaggy,T-Pain, Flo-Rida, Timeflies, Wycelf Jean, Janelle Monae, The Roots, Matiyahu, Borgeous, Flux Pavilion, Lindsey Stirling, Vic Mensa, Porter Robinson, Odesza, and Michael Franti.

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AY Young

Global Youth Choir

It is going to take ALL OF US 

On stage perfromance with 100 youth from schools around Dubai will unite with pre-recorded youth choirs globally to sing a Youth Anthem for COP28. The main screen behind the choir will show youth from all corners of the world singing together about change- if we can all work together.

Curated by: Youth4planet

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Climate Reality Check: Exposing False Solutoins

In this workshop attendees will hear from two young climate justice activists and explore the false climate solutions that negatively impact communities, the environment and economy They will hear more about the importance of critical thinking and informed decision-making in the fight against climate change, and discuss science-based, viable solutions that we should instead be collectively working towards. 

Curated by: NHM

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Mind, Body, Heart: Connecting with ourselves and each other in the climate crisis

In the middle of the high intensity environment of COP28, it’s important to take some time to practice self and community-care. This will be a space to express and feel your climate anxiety, grief, anger, and frustration but also joy and hope (if you’re able to tap into that). The goal is to take a pause and recharge ourselves to keep fighting for climate justice. We will be doing mindfulness practices of breathwork, movement, meditation, reflection, affirmations, and journaling in order to release any tensions, grief, and sorrow as we build community and prepare ourselves for the fight for collective liberation. We are not separate from the world that has been broken and destroyed. We are part of the world that needs healing.

Curated by: NHM

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Our African Climate Story Workshop 2.0

For the longest time, Africa has had a storytelling probelm, with non-indgenous media telling African stories that propagate and proliferate largely harmful sterotypes. This is why we're curating Our African Climate Story. A multifaceted collaboration which features storytelling workshops and global advocay campaigns, all culminating in the development and publication of the largest collection of African Climate stories by youth.

Curated by: WAFF

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Restoring Our Relationship with Nature

Can the elements in their form, fluidity and essence influence how we approach our daily lives, struggles and experiences? Immerse yourself into an interactive session exploring visual works that personify climate change conversations..

Curated by: WAFF

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