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Nature and Land Use

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Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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Empowering Youth to Drive Sustainable Solutions

Empowering Youth to Drive Sustainable Solutions is a dynamic panel discussion centered around the themes of youth, sustainability, and innovation. Serving as a collaborative platform, this event brings together diverse changemakers from various PepsiCO programs to engage with the company's senior leadership. The panel aims to foster meaningful discussions about sustainability in the MENA region, providing a space for participants to share insights, discuss innovation solutions, and explore the role of youth shaping a more sustainable future. Through dialogue and exchange, the event seeks to amplify the collective impact of PepsiCo's sustainability initatives in the pursuit of environmental and social responsibility

Sponsored by: PepsiCo

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Whale Sound Bath

The Climate Whale Song Bath is an immersive underwater audio journey, an opportunity to close your eyes and step outside of the human world of COP28 and into the sea where already great migrations are underway: driven by the changing climate, where whale cultures are shifting, where stories of great environmental hope can be found. It is a vital and direct embassy from the sea.

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Game Changers: Uniting for Climate and Nature through Sports 

Join us in discovering how the world of sports is not just a game-changer on the field but also a powerful ally in the global pursuit of sustainability, climate action and nature conservation. We will highlight how the global sports community is playing a pivotal role in addressing pressing environmental issues, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and championing the implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework. Learn about the transformative power of the Sports for Nature Framework and how it serves as a catalyst for climate action and nature conservation.

Curated by: IUCN

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Susanne Pedersen

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Steve Carter

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Decolonising Futures With Rights For Nature

This session will explore the role of digital communications and technologies in educating and engaging more people in nature. From the opportunities of making nature more accessible to all, to addressing the fundamental limits to digital nature.  

Curated by: Earth Minutes

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Zach Bush

Completing Truth and Finding Beauty with Zach Bush MD

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Nature based community-led solutions for environmental regeneration

This session will delve into innovative technological solutions for climate change mitigation and environmental regeneration that empower local producers and communities. Our focus is on exploring how these groups can be effectively rewarded for their efforts in protecting and maintaining natural ecosystems. We'll discuss the crucial role these ecosystems play in providing environmental services, and how harnessing these services can lead to a sustainable, reciprocal relationship between communities and their natural surroundings. Expect a thought-provoking exchange of ideas and practical insights on fostering environmental stewardship and regeneration through community involvement and technology.

Sponsored by: Planetary X

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Kayla Kingdon

CEO, WWF-New Zealand 

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Iris Albulet
Project and communication manager

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IRENA NewGen Rising Stars Award 2023

To further support youth innovation and solutions, IRENA is establishing an IRENA Youth Award aiming at selecting the best 8 solutions from the Accelerator Programme's participants and granting the opportunity to pitch in from of investors through a shark tank set up. The first award ceremony is planned to take place during a dedicated event on 8th December at COP. Synergies will be established between IRENA and NewGEn Accelerator and its partners and stakeholders to create a sustainable pipeline for businesses support post the competition.

Curated by: IRENA

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Mudit Narain

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Saeed Alnofeli

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Curated by: Extreme Hangout



Emaan Danish Khan

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Emaan Danish Khan


Collaborator Roundtable

Youth Delegates will lead an engaging roundtable discussion in the company of experts and professionals across generations and sectors. The conversation will be centered on intergenerational collaboration and leadership, during which participants wille xchnage respective experiences and insights on youth inclusion in decision making and convenings like COP

Curated by: WAFF

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