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Finance/Trade/Gender Equality/Accountability

Times are in Gulf Standard Time (GTS)


Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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"Morning Session", with: AstraZeneca: Reimagining Sustainable Healthcare

Part 1


Opening Keynote Speakers 

Nadine Zidane.jpg

Nadine Zidani

His Excellency Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand.webp

His Excellency Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand,
Assistant Undersecretary for MOHAP UAE

Dr Rana Hajjeh.webp

Dr Rana Hajjeh,
Director of Programme Managmenet at the WHO EMRO


Part 2

Progress Towards ATACH Commitments

This conversation will deepen understanding of ATACH's role and ambition in the region, integrating climate and health strategies into broader plans. Participants will share progress, identify challenges, and strategies on expediting progress towards sustainable healthcare.

Sponsored by: AstraZeneca

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Part 3

Spotlight Discussion: Advancing Sustainable Initiatives for Climate-Resilient Healthcare Systems

This session will integrate the themes of low-carbon footprint in healthcare pathways and building climate-sustainable healthcare systems. Esteemed panelists will showcase innovative initiatives addressing health and climate challenges. The insights shared will shed light on concrete and actionable solutions and collaborative strategies aimed at improving both health outcomes and climate resilience in the region.

Curated by: AstraZeneca

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Mr Pascal Soriot

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Dr. Imane Kendili .jpeg
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Dr Ahmad Ouma

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Planetary Finance for All

On COP28 finance day, hear from Planetary Guardians Ralph Chami, Hiro Mizuno, and Naoko Ishii, Hindou Oumarou, alongside Jean Oelwang, Founding CEO of Virgin Unite, for a discussion on the reform of international financial architecture. The Guardians will be joined by two fantastic Extreme Hangout Local hosts, Kevin Mtai and Humphrey Mrema, to discuss the need to increase financial flows for climate to $5.9T by 2050, and how we can use the Planetary Boundaries science to take a planetary view, to consider science and the true value of nature. They will also discuss ways to significantly increase funding for adaptation, mitigation, and development without increasing the debt burden on emerging economies.

Curated by: Planetary Guardians X Virgin Unite

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Oriele Frank
Co-Founder & Chief Product & Sustainability Officer at ELEMIS

Why the global beauty industry must take action now. Championing “The Great British Beauty Clean Up” through industry collaboration.

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Conscious Leadership to drive action with The Green Sheikh 
Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi in a Fireside Chat with Jarvis Smith

Join us for this engaging and insightful conversation in which Sheikh Abdul Aziz The Green Sheikh dives into conversation with Jarvis Smith from My Green Pod to discuss his vision for sustainability. We will dive into The Green Sheikh’s personal journey, challenges and opportunities he sees for the youth, plans for future leaders engagement as well as personal actions and influence. This is not a session to be missed!

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Why We Can't Fight Climate Change Without Fighting For Gender Equality

A conversation on climate change and gender equality

Curated by: One Young World

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Karla Godoy da Costa Lima headshot.jpeg
Kehkashan Basu .jpeg
Mavis Mainu- Headshot_edited.jpg
Renata Koch Alvarenga headshot.jpg


Andrew Griffiths
Director of Policy and Partnerships at Planet Mark

The rise of net zero policy and legislation and how people and companies should prepare

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Why the Earth needs diverse thinkers
Co-founder of Cyd Connects, a women-led sustainability consultancy and B Corp Expert

By sharing her own neurodiversity diagnosis Aisling explains why we need different thinking to adapt the system and change the world!

Aisling connaughton_photo.jpg


Women at COP
A conversation on climate change and gender equality


The film follows five Brazilian women on their journey through the 2022 Climate Conference from the United Nations, COP 27. The convention took place in Sharm-el Sheikh, Egypt, marking Brazil’s return to world discussion.


Political leaders, environmentalists, Black women, indigenous women and entrepreneurs meet in the search for sustainability and solutions for the climate crisis. They add a careful look, experienced sensibility, intergenerational knowledge, diverse origins and a lot of competence.


They are: Marina Silva e Joenia Wapichana, who, a month later, were nominated, respectively, as Brazil’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and president of Funai; Vanda Witoto, the first Brazilian woman to be vaccinated against Covid and ancestry activist; Patricia Ellen, green economy entrepreneur who contributes to the current ecological transition plan and Kamila Camilo, activist and social entrepreneur.


The mini-documentary “Women at COP” followed their steps and registered the most important moments from this major reconnection in the global scenario, adding women’s voices and centering their perspectives;


The film’s premiere happens in Dubai at COP 28, a year after Egypt’s remarkable encounter, with the presence of the five Brazilian agents that echo the voices of female representation in the climate debate.

Curated by: Google

Music Performance

Jurgis Didziulis

Curated by: Extreme Hangout



10:30am - 10:00pm
4 Exhbition booths for Health and Climate Resilience initaitves

AstraZeneca is proud to host an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing sustainable initiatives at COP 28, Dubai, UAE. We believe in the power of innovation and creativity to drive positive change in the world. This exhibition space is an opportunity for selected partners to present their sustainable projects, initiatives, and ideas in a way that captivates and inspires our diverse audience. The selected initatives include:

- Establishing Green hospitals to serve rural communities by the Egypt Health Authority.

- Decarbonising patient care pathways initiatives by Pure Health in UAE

- PHSSR and G42 Green initiatives.

- AstraZeneca’s inspiring innovations including (e.g. AZ Forest) 

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