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Multilevel Action, Urbanization, and Built Environment/Transport

Times are in Gulf Standard Time (GTS)


Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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Imagining a Century of Sustainable Development

A conversation incorporating futuristic development exploration, strategic planning for sustainability and insights into future challenges and opportunities.

Curated by: One Young World

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Democratizing Access to Climate Information

In this session, we’ll feature a panel of select creators to share how they make climate information more accessible online. From profiling climate activists to breaking down complex sustainability topics and technologies, these individuals help raise awareness and understanding of climate considerations across countless topics from thrifting to EV’s to renewable energy.

Curated by: Google/Youtube

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Caretakers of the Elements

Speakers will speak towards the climate crisis from their unique understanding of their element.

Curated by: DIRT Charity, with opening and closing ceremony by The Wisdom Keepers

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Green Zone Stage Panel

3:00 -3:45
The Planet Is Our Playground

Join us for this engaging and enlightening conversation between five fabulous sport and adventure enthusiasts! They will explore the links between the planetary health and human health, expanding on the joy our planet brings us, even at a cellular level. Without a healthy planet not only our lives, but our emotional wellbeing, will be impacted. With this established, we will ask, how can we protect our happiness and wonder during, despite and in the mission to ease our climate crisis?

Curated by: Extreme Hangout

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Samata Pattinson 
Sustainable fashion entrepreneur and chief executive at Black pearl

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Bright Light Burning

In this immersive experience, our play Bright Light Burning, audience members step into the shoes of migrants in the year 2100, gathering in a space as they await their journey away from the equator toward the still-temperate regions near the Arctic Circle.

Curated by: The Theatre of Others


Kelly Drennan
Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action

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My Extinction by Josh Appignanesi

The documentary feature film MY EXTINCTION has been invited to screen at the COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai on Wednesday 6th December at 18:00.  

Playing in the Green Zone with Extreme Hangout, a diversity-and-climate action NGO with a social media reach of 200m monthly views, the Q&A panel with filmmaker Josh Appignanesi and arts and film producers Paul Goodenough (Rewilding Extinction) and Jessica Hines (Fingerprint Content) will be streamed globally.

Exploring the barriers to climate action, the film asks "why is it that so many are worried about climate, yet do almost nothing about it?" It finds answers in learning to share our feelings collectively -- then digs down into the world of the powerful vested interests whose mission it is to stymie and paralyse us, raising in protest the voices of figures like Mark Rylance, Simon Schama, AL Kennedy and Zadie Smith.  

Check out the trailer here

The event is free but you need to register here:

Curated by: Josh Appignanesi

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Youth Climate Training: Lessons Learned and Inspiration

Oxford Net Zero- Global Youth Coalition youth climate training programme oversaw the training of 4,500 activists on the negotiation items of the UNFCCC in just six months. This initiative was born out of a genuine need expressed by young individuals who often find themselves lacking in confidence to engage authoritatively on complex technical matters of UNFCCC. In this workshop, Oxford Smith School will gather youth activists to share the key messages for those attending COP28 and to make another joint call for a larger focus on youth capacity-building.

Curated by: Oxford Net Zero

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A Concert Event

Curated by: Climate Live

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Tafadzwa Chando

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Precious Kalombwana


We are the Possible - songs and music for a changing world

Performers have written and produced songs and music inspired by the poems in the We are the Possible poetry anthology/worksh

Curated by: BIMM and Exeter

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Scarlette Loran

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Luana Fernades

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Jordan Learce

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10:30- 13:30
EcoKnowledge Student Colloquium

Led by the Centre for Global Education, the EcoKnowledge Student Colloquium at COP28 is an environmental and climate-focused student knowledge, research, and action fair, hosted in parallel to the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai. We invite high school students ages 13-19, from around the world to showcase their research and action projects addressing pressing climate challenges through interactive displays, presentations, and discussions. The event will promote knowledge exchange, cross-cultural understanding, and collaboration, by connecting young minds with policymakers, scientists, and industry experts attending COP28 who will provide thoughtful feedback and suggestions on your projects.

Curated by: Terrance Godwaldt

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Abiha Khawar Mullick

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Robin James

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Nitya Vemulapalli


Climate Cafe - closing the gap between climate science and system change

Force of Nature and the Climate Crisis Advisory Group are bringing together youth activists and scientisits to make the science accessible and discuss approaches for climate resilience.

Curated by: Force of Nature

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