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Food, Agriculture and Water

Times are in Gulf Standard Time (GTS)


Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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How Bad is Big Agriculture?

In short, Big Agriculure is not covering itself in glory, we all know that now. But, we are about to be saved! The rise of the farmer superhero has begun, they are our unsung heroes. In their hands and soils; billions of organisms thrive, carbon is safely sequestered, water is held, planting, the seasons, animal life are all encouraged to play their role and nutritious food, strong timbers and fibres and clean air and river systems are all part of the outputs. Then there is the community, the culture… (it is called agriculture after all) the heritage and wisdom that no scientist will find at the bottom of a Petri dish. How can we recognise, welcome and support these hero’s or our age and what of big bad ag… do they have a role to play, do we trust them?

Curated by: Extreme Hangout

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Elizabeth Wathuti

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End Ecocide, Raise Hope

This panel event will feature superstars from around the globe who are working on important legal solutions to prevent environmental destruction. Each panelist will begin by telling a story about a case of severe environmental destruction that is important or close to them. These stories will be grounded in the local contexts of each panelist. Then, they will each be asked “What gives you hope?” The panelists will have a chance to talk about how they remain hopeful in the face of environmental destruction, and how the push for ecocide law and other legal solutions fit into that vision for a hopeful future. After this, audience members will have the opportunity to ask each panelist follow-up questions about their work or their previous remarks.

Curated by: Youth4Ecocide Law

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Notice Nature

This session aims to showcase the vital role of nature and biodiversity in addressing climate change. It aims to inspire and engage participants by sharing compelling case studies that illustrate nature's significance as a climate ally. 

Curated by: ENWWF

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Victoria Whalen
Media Fellow at Black Girl Environmentalist

The Power of Activist Artistry in Youth-led Climate Justice

This session explores the transformative force of art & storytelling as tools for driving climate action. Unleashing the creative power of the youth, the session delves into the intersection of artistry and activism, inspiring a generation to rise and speak up for a planet that thrives. 

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The Evolution of Climate Justice

This session will explore an intergenerational approach to advancing Climate Justice. Members of the panel will have the opportunity to share ways in which their projects and ideas embody concepts of Climate Justice and can therefore contribute to regional climate resilience. They will explore the pivotal question “How can my project benefit by the inclusion of an intergenerational focus, which will also reflect an inclusive approach?”

Curated by: Island Innovation

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James Ellesmoore
CEO of Island Innovation


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Guardians of Biodiversity

An intimate powerful Music Show with Matt Sorum and Agnes Nunes - Biodiversity is the best technology to fight Climate Change

Supported by: Planetaryx,, with Conafer and Autopass

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Imagine 2050: LIVE FROM LUNARVILLE, Experience co-creating of our shared story of the future we want

The Participatory Storytelling Workshop (50 minutes) will take attendees to the year 2050 to reflect on how humanity is flourishing because of how we successfully managed our climate change challenges from the perspective of the Lunarville Society who support Human Heritage Site on the Moon.

Curated by: Dr. Claire Nelson, SPACE UNGANA

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Agriculture’s impact on planetary boundaries & Plant Based Treaty doughnut economics

aise awareness on the impacts of our food system on planetary boundaries & social foundations & debunking myths about animal agriculture & introduce plant based treaty and doughnut economic solutions to the climate and ecological crises to redesign the food system.

Curated by: Lia Phillips

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Voicing Hope: Climate Creation and Communication Workshop

This workshop will be a space to discuss people's stories and individual perspectives on the Stop Ecocide movement. It will encourage participants to unlock what they can bring to the table in environmental activism. We will have three session leaders to recount the ways they engage personally with the movement, and their unique stories. The session will include interactive writing and communication exercises. 

Curated by: Youth4Ecocide Law

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Impact Storytelling: Solutions for Youth, Nature and Climate

To showcase narratives shifts of impact documentaries and community solutions. Embracing the power of intergenerational dialogues to tackle societal challenges. Also aiming to create networking space and solidarity among delegates.

Curated by: Afrika Youth Caravan

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Kaluki Mutuku

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