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DAY  9 - Tuesday 9th November
Climate Change: A Gendered Crisis



*Morning break with sessions continuing in the afternoon


15:00 - 16:00


Young women and climate justice: the fight for our rights

How does being young and a woman intersect with climate activism? How is the climate crisis specifically affecting the rights of young women globally? Join five young climate activists from around the world as they dive into these questions to share their perspectives and experiences. This panel will be hosted by youth activists from Amnesty International, with guest panellists from other organisations.

Allyson Castillo.jpg

Allyson Castillo

Karin Watson new.jpeg

Karin Watson


Marinel Ubaldo

Serena Jemmett.jpg

Serena Jemmett

Kolo Marie Christina (1).jpg

Marie Christina Kolo

17:00 - 18:00


The power of investing in youth-led solutions

What would the story look like, if we embraced the best of what already exists? Many of the solutions to the global climate crisis are out there right now, being led by young people in every community, corner, and forum around the world. In the last 12 months, YMCA’s flagship Youth-Led Solutions initiative has invested some $175,000 into these very ideas, with demonstrable impact already. Young people are demanding accountability and taking action - how do we continue to elevate their revolution?

Rebecca Nkunde.jpg

Rebecca Nkunde

Rodrigo Puntriano Mendoza.png

Rodrigo Puntriano Mendoza

Shakil Karim.jpeg

Shakil Karim

Alicia O'Sullivan.jpg

Alicia O'Sullivan

Carols Sanvee.png

Carlos Sanvee

Mike Bromfield.jpg

Mike Bromfield


19:00 - 20:30


Downstairs: Creating youth-led solutions, with YMCA


Join YMCA for an exclusive in-person only event in the heart of Glasgow, for a unique chance to preview YMCA’s “Creating Youth-Led Solutions” documentary-style film prior to its sold out global premiere, that will take place as part of COP26’s Green Zone programme later in the week.


Join YMCA for a journey across the world as we hear from young people on every continent who are leading the charge on innovative solution to address the climate crisis.

After the screening, singer-songwriter Rhys Lewis will be joined in conversation alongside YMCA Ambassadors from across the world featured in the documentary, before a unique COP26 special live performance. 


In this short film, hear from young people installing vermicomposting and tackling electronic waste in Hawaii; see their work in Peru where addressing poor sanitation and inorganic waste has led to addressing income inequity; witness a cross-cultural collaboration between young people in Albay, Philippines and Michigan, USA to train a new generation of eco-leaders; learn about community-led reforestation in the Western Balkan forests of Kosovo; watch as young people create micro-green spaces across Ramallah, Palestine; and discover how curriculum-based climate art projects are utilising up-cycled waste in schools in Zambia.


20:15 - 21:00

Rhys Lewis

Born in Oxfordshire in 1993, singer-songwriter Rhys Lewis found early inspiration in guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and James Taylor, picking up the instrument after seeing his own dad play the blues.

Lewis writes songs about a variety of aspects of his life. In Things I Chose to Remember, the topics that he writes about include the portrayal of men in the media, mental health and his own experiences with relationships. Many of his songs are about heartbreak, including "When Was The Last Time", "Be Your Man" and "Hurting". He says that he finds his song "No Right To Love You" difficult to perform because it also dealt with a personal heartbreak, "I suppose the song is a bit of a trigger for lots of memories and emotions of the breakup…every so often it really hits me again, and the emotion of the song comes flooding back."

Rhys Lewis .jpeg

Rhys Lewis

21:00 - 21:40


Acoustic Performance from 21 year old Glasgow native Riley. Riley began creating her own music at just 11 years old  and has been building a steady reputation as one of Glasgow’s most promising and most exciting live artists.



22:00 - 00:00

groov city radio.jpg

Groove City Radio presents

Outside broadcast from Glasgow’s newest FM licence. GCR is the home of dance music radio in Scotland. The outside broadcast on 88.6Fm and online will featuring three of their presenters. The outside broadcast on 88.6Fm and online will featuring three of their presenters.

Jay Gunning

Jay Gunning presents Attic Room Sessions which streams gigs via its Youtube channel and has welcomed people like Jackmaster, Jasper James and more. Jay has had tracks out on Nervous Records which was played by Annie Mac on Radio 1. @jay_gun


Records which was played by Annie Mac on Radio 1. @jay_gun Mash: Mash presents his monthly Compact Disco show on GCR. Mash has been on Capital, BBC6 Music, Beat 106, XFM, and has played all over the world with releases on Toolroom, Optimo, Glasgow Underground, Dirt Crew, and released a track with Idris Elba. @compactdiscodefender

Frankie Elyse

Frankie Elyse presents a show on GCR and is half of violin duo @kintramusic where she DJs alongside a violin player. She is the the founder of all female DJ collective @polkadotdiscoclub @frankieelyse

Jay gunning.jpg
frankie elyse.jpg

Jay Gunning


Krankie Elyse

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