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A Day of Hope, Relief, Recovery, Peace

Times are in Gulf Standard Time (GTS)


Amber Nuttall

An introduction by Amber Nuttall

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Opening Session

Harry Acheampong - UK Youth Prime Minister

An opening session by Harry Acheampong

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The Global Stocktake

The Global Stocktake, first published in October sparked a deluge of headlines, each saturated with a blend of alarmism, pessimism, and foreboding. The story painted across media landscapes veered heavily into the very best of the doom and gloom. However, within the discord of dire predictions, there is a vastly overlooked narrative; that of an invitation to embark on a journey towards a future with promise and potential. This session will look beyond the bleak prognostications, to see if there is an opportunity to explore a brighter future of remarkable transformation awaiting those ready to shape it. Come and join us in evaluating this future built on collective effort between our fabulous interconnected global community.

Curated by: Extreme Hangout

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Carolina Schwab
President and Co-founder of Ocean Born

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Habitat for Earth- How to design and build for a regenerative future

The construction industry is a major contributor to the climate and ecological emergency we face, generating 40% of annual global GHG emissions. Therefore, rethinking current norms in construction is an urgent and complex challenge. The way we design, produce, operate, and restore our built environment must be radically altered. Mobilising such changes demands cross-sectoral, cooperative, and creative relationships that harness our collective agency. As such, this panel, a collaboration between The Klosters Forum and Extreme Hangout, brings together an array of different leading experts to discuss and collaborate on new approaches to designing and reimagining a built environment in harmony with, rather than at odds with, nature.

Curated by: Klosters Forum

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Optimism, Hope, Leadership and the Climate Crisis

A Youth Leadership Conversation on the Climate Crisis

Curated by: One Young World

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Henry Firth and Ian Theasby
Vegan Chefs and Co-Founders of BOSH! TV

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How to inspire climate action through authenticty on TikTok

5 Creators from around the wrold share their perspective on building captive audiences and the importance of learning how to authentically incorporate sustainability into their content

Sponsored by: TikTok

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Bryan Soaul Navarro Alonson akaSoli Boli
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Patrick Holden
Founder and Chief executive at Sustainable Food Trust

The story of my farm - How I got back to the land in 1973'

Patrick Holden will tell the story of how, across 50 years at his organic farm in West Wales, he has developed a farming system that is delivering on climate, nature and health.

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Planetary Guardians X Virgin Unite

Jean Oelwang sits down in this intimate session with one of the world's leading scholars in water resources and developer of the Planetary Boundaries framework.

Curated by: Jean Oelwang

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A New Climate Vision: Change happens faster than we think

A screening of the amazing 55 minute documentary from Global Optimisim which shall be followed by a panel session to discuss the theme of a new climate vision!

Curated by: Global Optimism

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